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Where does Helifor operate?

Helifor’s logging operations are located primarily in British Columbia. Heavy lift operations such as oil field support and tower setting have taken us throughout Canada and the United States. Helifor has the capacity to be very mobile, fully equipped with aircraft maintenance vans, truck mounted fuel tanks, and other mobile service equipment.

What is the lift capacity of your helicopters?

The tandem rotor Vertol 107 has a maximum lift capacity of 10,000 lbs and the Chinook 234 lifts up to 27,000 lbs.

What is your fuel consumption and flight range?

Average fuel consumption for the Vertol is 650 l. per hour and for the Chinook, 1500 l. per hour and flight range when ferrying is approximately 200 nautical miles per tank of fuel.

What support services do you provide?

Helifor has the capacity to fully support all aspects of a logging operation from ‘stump to dump’. Or, for both logging and other types of heavy lift, our expert support crews, pilots, engineers and loadmasters work with the customer to mesh our support with existing crews or sub-contractors for a safe and seamless delivery of service.

How quickly can you respond to our needs?

Helifor is a flexible, responsive operation and has the capacity to respond very quickly to emerging situations. Fire fighting experiences have provided us with the knowledge and organizational infrastructure to move quickly with full support. More extensive jobs are placed into a work rotation that balances the length of contract, the area of operation and the customer’s time constraints for efficient and cost effective use of the helicopters.

What heavy lift services do you provide?

Helicopter transport of external loads can mean savings of time and money. Our workhorse helicopters can lift vehicles, fuel bladders, construction equipment, camp facilities and consumables directly from a staging area to your setup site. Precision placement of power line towers, engines and generators is possible due to the high degree of stability in a twin rotor aircraft design.